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Natural Born KAOS

Dead Code

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A man in dandism
It's dark...
...and I'm wearing sunglasses.
against me!, alex de la iglesia, alice cooper, alkaline trio, always sunny in philadelphia, amebix, andy milligan, arthur conan doyle, avoiding uncle ahmed, being spiderman, bela lugosi, ben stiller, biblical plagues, big black, bikini atoll, boston terriers, bowling for soup, boyd rice, brand new, chas balun, clootie dumpling, cobalt 60, cocktails with eythor gudjonsson, coil, common rider, cop shoot cop, current 93, daisy chainsaw, damn fine coffee, dan andriano, danzig, death in june, deckard, derek grant, derek jarman, dextrous toes, dinosaurs, doctor and the crippens, dogs, dukey flyswatter, emily ovenden, eythor gudjonsson, faith and the muse, faithful dawn, firewater, foetus, front 242, gen sekiguchi, glen duncan, goodbye mr mackenzie, goth, gothic spleens, guy n smith, haunted garage, headhunter trophies, henry spencer ashbee, hideshi hino, jack the ripper, kaneto shindô, kate bush, kate nash, ken russell, kenickie, killer crabs, king charles spaniels, kmfdm, lindsay kemp, lynn lowry, machines of loving grace, mary beats jane, mary flanagan, mass giorgini, matt fraction, matt skiba, metallica, michael gira, michael marshall smith, misfits, nick zedd, paul naschy, peter bark, peter fucking dolving, peter greenaway, peter straub, pizzicato five, plugging my own book, pluto the planet, pop will eat itself, proper zombies, punk rock, puppies, quentin crisp, r crumb, rancid, richard thompson, sarah waters, screeching weasel, sebastian horsley, serrating glass, shitsu tonka, shrunken heads, skinny puppy, soft cell, soilwork, spiritualism, splatter movies, sr-71, swans, swarf, table tapping, takashi miike, takeshi kitano, teenage fanclub, the afghan whigs, the birthday party, the black dahlia murder, the bomb bassetts, the chaos engine, the day man, the dismemberment plan, the doug anthony allstars, the haunted, the marquis de sade, the mr t experience, the night man, the queers, the ramones, the red chord, the silver surfer, the sisters of mercy, the vindictives, the wicker man, tim vigil, toast, tom robbins, vaughn bode, victorian prostitutes, victoriana, vincent price, waffles, white zombie, wong kar-wai, writing books, zombina and the skeletones

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